General F.A.Q’s

Are there any positions available at Clarity Records?
Unfortunately no. Clarity Records is a small business that can not afford to take on any extra staff.

Does Clarity Records do work experience?
Due to the size of the shop, counter space and the work load, Clarity Records unfortunately can not offer work experience.

I am a solo artist/in a band from Adelaide, will Clarity Records stock our release?
Yes, we will. We do all local artists a consignment deal of 33% off the RRP. Therefore, the artist sets the price they would like to sell the release for, and the store takes 33% once the item has sold. Get in contact with us via the contact page if you would like to let us know about your release, or simply come into the store with 3 copies and we will take it from there.

I am a solo artist/in a band from interstate / overseas, will Clarity Records stock our release?
Similar deal to what we do with all Adelaide artists, we are especially interested if your band is coming to Adelaide. However if you or your band has never been to Adelaide, no one knows who your band is, or if you have no intention of coming to Adelaide/touring, then we suggest you get in contact with us first before sending over anything. If this is the case, then I would say we wouldn’t be interested unless it is punk / hardcore /metal related.

I am involved with something that I believe would suit your shop (eg. Zine, Book, Art, Craft, Jewellery, etc, etc), will you stock our product?
Possibly. Contact us. Anything arts, crafts or jewellery related please attention the email to Laura.

I have been chasing a certain product and I can’t get it anywhere. Can you order it in for me?
Yes, we can. We specialise in doing speciality orders for people. We will go the extra distance to try and track something down for you. We have a huge catalogue of products we can order from many suppliers all around the world, so feel free to contact us, or come into the store if there is anything you are after. Providing it is still in print we can get it for you.

You guys are just a punk shop, right?
We specialise in Punk and Hardcore related products, however we stock all kinds of music from Metal, indie, Rock ‘N Roll, Blues, Jazz, Prog, Soul, Funk and more. We also have band merch, books, zines, handmade arts & craft and more. We have both new and secondhand products.

Do you have Vinyl?
Vinyl is our main seller, therefore we make sure we are always well stocked and always up to date with new releases. We try our best to get good secondhand stock as well, however it is competitive.

Do you buy secondhand Vinyl & CDs?
We do buy secondhand vinyl and we are very interested to know what you have. We have to be picky, therefore what we buy and how much we pay varies from title to title. Please don’t ask how much we would play for a record unless you physically bring it into the shop. We are even more picky with CDs, as the market is getting tougher with CDs, we can not buy everything.

I’ve noticed Clarity does instore shows. Can my band do one or can I organise something?
Possibly. We are open to the idea of having more instores. We have found that acoustic instores work best as the space is a bit too tight for full bands. Contact us either way and we can discuss it

Who owns Clarity Records?
Matt & Laura Horvath are the owners of Clarity Records. Come in and say Hi.

Clarity Records is a record label, right? Will you be interested in releasing my bands record?
Clarity Records is a record label as well as a shop. Feel free to send us your demo, however we are very selective with what we will release.

So where abouts exactly are you?
On Pulteney St. right next to the Hungry Jacks corner next to Rundle St.

Are you guys Big Star Records?
No. We are Clarity Records. The only connection that we had with Big Star is that Matt worked there close to 5 years until the day of its closure. Following its closure, Clarity Records was open. See About.

There used to be a shop called “Bead Hive” in your shop space. Where did it go?
It closed down and went nowhere. Simple as that.

  • Clarity Records    60 Pulteney St Adelaide, SA 5000