The Weight – Prisoners Of The Flock CD

Release Information
Band: The Weight
Title: Prisoners Of The Flock
Released: 09/11/2012
Catalogue Number: CLARITYCD04
Format: CD
Pressing Number: 500
Status: Still Available
Other Information: Recorded by James Balderston in 2012. Artwork by Nick Yap. Layout and design by Tyrone Ormsby. Line up on the recording is Ben - Vocals, Fazz - Guitar, Nick - Guitar, Moose - Bass, James - Drums. Digipak, gatefold with a 16 page fold out poster booklet.
1. Born From The Spear
2. Fundamentalist
3. Introduction
4. Impervious To Influence
5. Repeat Offender
6. Colour Blind Realist
7. A Mortal Thought
8. Blunt Force Head Trauma
9. Talking In Technicolour
10. Prisoners Of The Flock
11. Predicatory Process
12. Hunter/Gatherer
Pressing Information

- First Pressing of 500
- Gatefold digipak cover with matte finish
- 16 page fold out poster booklet with matte finish

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