Weightless – Self-Adjustment LP

Release Information
Band: Weightless
Title: Self-Adjustment
Released: 13/07/2012
Catalogue Number: CLARITYLP02
Format: Vinyl LP (45rpm)
First Pressing Number: 160
Second Pressing Number: 100
First Pressing Information: 160 Glacier Blue & Clear Colour In Colour, 7 Test Presses
Second Pressing Information: 100 Red And Green A-side / B-side Colour
Status: Second Pressing Still Available
Other Information: Recorded by Matt Hills in 2011. Artwork, layout and design by Nicholas Yap.
Line up on the recording is Nic - Vocals / Guitar, Alex - Guitar, Nick - Bass, Ben - Drums.
Printed by Pirates Press. Gatefold cover with matte finish artwork. Comes with digital download code
1. Anxious In a Crowd
2. Self-Adjustment
3. Museum Of Expired Life
4. Holding On
5. Summer Of John
6. Life Abroad
7. God Knows I Know No God
8. European Holiday
Pressing Information

Test Press
- First pressing test press
- Pressing of 7
- Labelled in silver marker on back cover "Test Press"
- Plain white labels with plastic inner sleeve
- Gatefold cover

First Press Colour Vinyl
- First pressing on glacier blue and clear colour in colour vinyl
- Pressing of 160
- Gatefold cover with matte finish
- Comes with digital download code

Second Press Colour Vinyl
- Second pressing on red and green A-side / B-side vinyl
- Pressing of 100
- Gatefold cover with matte finish
- Comes with digital download code

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