Hydromedusa - Long Live CD


Release Information

Band Hydromedusa
Title Long Live
Released 07/06/2019
Catalogue Number CLARITYCD11
Format CD
Pressing Number 100
Status Still Available
Other Information Recorded by Benjamin McLaren in 2017. Mastered by Julian Cue. Artwork by Jack Knife.
Line up on the recording is Troy - Vocals, Joe - Guitar, Ben - Guitar, Dieter - Bass, Tom - Drums, Jake - Keys. Digipak, gatefold with spot finish silver foil stamping.
  1. Star Song
  2. Lovin' Man
  3. The Power
  4. Part One
  5. Part Two
  6. Mama's Boy
  7. People Like You
  8. Leaving

Pressing Information


  • First Pressing of 100
  • Gatefold digipak cover with silver foil stamped cover

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