Starvation - Starvation CD


Release Information

Band Starvation
Title Starvation
Released 22/11/2013
Catalogue Number CLARITYCD05
Format CD
Pressing Number 200
Status Still Available
Other Information Recorded by Kyle Blocksgaard in 2013. Mastered by Bill Henderson. Artwork by Marcel Cuthberston.
Line up on the recording is Moose - Vocals, Jonno - Guitar, Dan - Guitar, Footy - Bass, Ben - Drums. Digipak, gatefold with spot finish silver foil stamping on the cover.
  1. Souleater
  2. Power Corrupts
  3. Fill The Blanks
  4. Deal With It
  5. Mouth
  6. Attachment
  7. Injury
  8. Mean Side
  9. Shame Spiral
  10. Crippled
  11. Vultures
  12. Wrecking Ball
  13. Hurt Me Plenty
  14. Deep Lead

Pressing Information


  • First Pressing of 200
  • Gatefold digipak cover with silver foil stamped cover

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