Weightless - Self-Adjustment CD


Release Information

Band Weightless
Title Self-Adjustment
Released 13/07/2012
Catalogue Number CLARITYCD02
Format CD
Pressing Number 500
Status Still Available
Other Information Recorded by Matt Hills in 2011. Artwork, layout and design by Nicholas Yap. Line up on the recording is Nic - Vocals / Guitar, Alex - Guitar, Nick - Bass, Ben - Drums. Digipak, gatefold matte finish artwork, with 4 page booklet.
  1. Anxious In a Crowd
  2. Self-Adjustment
  3. Museum Of Expired Life
  4. Holding On
  5. Summer Of John
  6. Life Abroad
  7. God Knows I Know No God
  8. European Holiday

Pressing Information


  • First Pressing of 500
  • Gatefold digipak cover with matte finish
  • 4 page booklet with matte finish

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