West Thebarton Brothel Party - Red Or White / Dolewave 7"


Release Information

Band West Thebarton Brothel Party
Title Red Or White / Dolewave
Released 02/09/2016
Catalogue Number CLARITYEP09
Format Vinyl 7" (45rpm)
Pressing Number 300
Pressing Information 100 Red, 200 Black, 10 Test Presses
Status Out Of Print
Other Information Recorded by Alistair Wells 2016. Mastered by Steve Smart. Artwork by Henry Stentiford.
Line up on the recording is Ray – Vocals / Guitar, Josh B. – Guitar, Tom – Guitar, Josh H. – Guitar, Nick – Bass, Hugh – Drums, Brian – Percussion.
Printed by Pirates Press. Comes with digital download code
Side A
  1. Red Or White
Side B
  1. Dolewave

Pressing Information

Test Press

  • First pressing test press
  • Pressing of 10
  • Plain white labels with plastic inner sleeve
  • Alternative Cover

img20190308-19341241.jpg img20190308-19344291.jpg

img20190308-19352315.jpg img20190308-19355110.jpg 


First Press Colour Vinyl

  • First pressing on red vinyl
  • Pressing of 300 (First 100 on colour vinyl)
  • Comes with digital download code

img20190308-19284937.jpg img20190308-19320134.jpg

img20190308-19323525.jpg img20190308-19330204.jpg


First Press Black Vinyl

  • Pressing of 300 (Second 200 on black vinyl)
  • Comes with digital download code

img20190308-19284937.jpg img20190308-19292023.jpg

img20190308-19295619.jpg img20190308-19302710.jpg



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