Clarity Records Corona Virus  Update

Clarity Records Corona Virus Update

23rd Mar 2020


As you may have seen through the course of yesterday and overnight, our government has put a lockdown on non-essential services. At this point this hasn’t extended to small business retail outlets such as ourselves, therefore Clarity Records is trading as normal for the time being. 

Clarity Records recognises the importance of isolating and locking down of services in order to combat this virus, therefore we are moving towards setting ourselves up so we can take appropriate measures. In the meantime we will continue to clean and sanitise the store, it’s fixtures and stock as well as provide sanitiser for our customers. 

We will continue to asses things day by day and if things change you will hear from us. Our online store is operating 24/7 if you wanted to shop with us and can’t make it in. 

Stay safe out there and continue to support small businesses where possible.