Record Store Day 2020 - RSD Drops #3 Oct 24

Record Store Day 2020 - RSD Drops #3 Oct 24

14th Oct 2020

The final round of Record Store Day's "RSD Drops" is happening on October 24. There will be some small changes to our trading plans for the date.

The main change for the third and final RSD Drop is there will be NO MIDNIGHT OPENING. We have decided against the midnight opening due to there not being as many releases for the third round and, let's be honest, it's bloody exhausting for us and for people to participate in for a third time. We will open our doors earlier at 7am on the Saturday morning of the 24th and trade through to 7pm.

We have done all we can to get as much stock as possible for round 3, this also includes some leftover stock and any other delayed titles from the first two rounds.  

We will have a very similar set up to the August date, if you weren't here this is what we are doing:
- Large range of “RSD Drops” limited special edition releases.
- Extended trading hours for the day, 7am - 7pm. NO MIDNIGHT OPENING.
- There is a limited amount of Clarity Records RSD 2020 T-Shirt's and Tote Bag's, designed by the awesome Annie Walter leftover. We will also have more posters for sale.
- All new secondhand stock being put out the front at 9am.
- Plant-Based BBQ, cupcakes and other special treats.

*All subject to change depending on pandemic situation.
**Clarity Records will be abiding by COVID-19 restrictions and we will be doing our best to adhere to guidelines. Only 10 people in the shop at a time, please wait patiently in line if required. Hand sanitiser will be available.

If you're interested in seeing a list of releases visit this link -

All the normal rules will apply. No pre-orders and no holds. First come, first serve. We will not know what stock we are receiving until approximately a week prior to each event.

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