Record Store Day 2020 - RSD Drops

Record Store Day 2020 - RSD Drops

2nd Jul 2020

Due to the current COVID pandemic the original Record Store Day back in April was cancelled. Moving forward, Record Store Day has introduced a new plan for 2020 called "RSD Drops". These are three separate release days, each with their own list of limited edition releases.

The dates for 2020 RSD Drops are:
Saturday 29th of August
Saturday 26th of September
Saturday 24th of October

What does this mean for Clarity Records? At this stage we are in the process of organising stock, figuring out plans for the days and the best way to run it. How the days will run, we are not sure. Will there be a midnight opening again? We are not sure. 24 hours? We don't know. We are taking each day as it comes and making plans as everything presents itself. We will be doing our best to adhere to any restrictions or social distancing requirements during this period.

We can assure you that we will be ordering as much stock as possible and trying our best to get those limited RSD releases that you're after.

If you're interested in seeing a list of releases visit this link -

All the normal rules will apply. No pre-orders and no holds. First come, first serve. We will not know what stock we are receiving until approximately a week prior to each event.

Sorry, that is all the information we have for you right now, but chuck the dates in your diary and keep an eye on our socials and our website for further announcements as we roll into the first of the three dates.